VIB-Ghent University

VIB is a top class center of excellence with more than 1470 researchers and technicians involved in 74 research groups, carrying out research on the frontline of life science. VIB is very successful in the innovative ERC Program with 43 ERC grant awardees. Research results are frequently published in top and high ranking journals in the field of Life Sciences, such as Science, Cell and Nature.

Role within 3TR

The Saeys lab studies the design and application of novel data mining and machine learning techniques in the field of systems immunology. The group develops new computational approaches to unravel the regulatory landscape of immune cell differentiation and functioning using module networks and computational flow cytometry. Within 3TR the Saeys lab brings unique bioinformatics expertise in the field of single-cell data analysis, including techniques for automated analysis of flow and mass cytometry data, as well as general expertise in machine learning for patient stratification and biomarker discovery.